GreenLeaf Farms

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Meet Tim Rogers and Joletta Hoesing of GreenLeaf Farms!

“Farming is the cornerstone of community and we are dedicated to educating and empowering the local community about the benefits of organic practices and sustainable farming."

Where you can find GreenLeaf Farms:

At GreenLeaf Farms, enriching the soil and protecting groundwater is part of growing food.  GreenLeaf Farms is recognized as one of the first certified operations in the area, earning certification by OCIA in 2000!  As a certified organic vegetable farm, GreenLeaf Farms incorporates farming practices such as crop rotation to replenish soil nutrients and prevent soil erosion.  To manage pests and weeds, no synthetic chemicals are used, which can lead to groundwater contamination.  Instead, Tim and Moletta work with nature to prevent issues and if necessary, use only products derived from natural sources.

GreenLeaf Farms is a family-owned, 10-acre certified organic farm located near Omaha, Nebraska.    One of their specialties?  Gourmet garlic!  In addition to garlic, Tim and Moletta love growing over 100 varieties of organic vegetables, herbs, and fresh flowers.  

GreenLeaf Farms offers:

  • Organic vegetables and herbs
  • Organic fresh cut flowers
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Syrups

Community Supported Agriculture

GreenLeaf Farms sells their products to retailers and at farmers' markets, but also through an innovative strategy called Community Supported Agriculture (commonly referred to as CSA).  By joining a CSA program, consumers are investing directly in the farm at the beginning of the season and in return receive a fresh bounty of produce during the summer months.  CSA at GreenLeaf Farms also has add-on options like bread and coffee!