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Nebraska Heritage Turkeys West Point Nebraska

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Nebraska Heritage Turkeys has a special treat for the people of Nebraska - delicious, healthy turkeys raised in the sunshine and fresh air! Once you've tried a pasture raised, heritage turkey you'll be hooked. Their meat is flavorful and juicy, perfect for your autumn and winter celebrations.

The farm has been raising birds on their family farm near West Point for 2 decades. Every year they breed and hatch their own turkey chicks, and raise them on pastures. The turkeys are fed organic or transitional organic non-gmo corn, soy meal and oats - mixed at the farm. They also graze happily on the pasture grass, shrubs, crab apples and hunt insects to supplement their diet. It takes about 6 months to raise a turkey from poults (baby turkeys) to processing size & weight.

To order your own heritage turkey, head to their website where you can reserve your bird. For $10 you can reserve your turkey(s). In the autumn or early winter when the turkeys are processed, Nebraska Heritgae Turkeys will get in touch with a final price and delivery/pickup information.

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