RhizoCity Farms

RhizoCity Farms Lincoln Nebraska

Meet RhizoCity Farms in Lincoln, Nebraska!

"We are a farming duo transforming urban spaces into bountiful gardens. We strive to grow fresh & nutritious food within city limits with as little fossil fuels as possible."

Matt Pirog and Skylar Falter of RhizoCity Farms are creating spaces in the heart of the city that produce an abundance of food. Since 2016 they have been growing food on unused plots of land, leasing the land from the nearby hospital. Their goals are to create vibrant, dynamic urban gardens and demonstrate that food can be grown in the city, using very little fossil fuels. Everyday they work in their plot a passerby will stop to chat, ask them about the garden or admire their work. Because it is in the heart of the city, the plot is seen by many people - neighbors, pedestrians, families, cyclists and folks commuting to work. That visibility and access helps people understand how food is grown, it also helps that Matt and Skylar are happy to chat with curious passerbys about gardening, food, seed saving and their setup!

"We grow in an urban setting because we care about biological diversity and transparency where we live and want to share this with others."

Lettuce, purple daikon radishes, parsley, garlic, cabbage, beets and turnips, along with pollinator plants and perennial herbs fill the plot. Veggies and herbs are harvested and sold to Open Harvest Grocery store, local restaurants and directly to individuals. The next time you are in Lincoln, be sure to pass by their plot on 14th and Lake Street!

"Let's learn how we can diversity our urban landscapes for the betterment of our communities together. "

RhizoCity Farms Offers:

  • Vegetables & herbs
  • Educational opportunities for city residents who want to convert their lawn or backyard into a productive garden!
  • Garden Share program - get a weekly box of produce grown in the heart of Lincoln!

Where you can find RhizoCity Farms: