Bad Horse Farm

Bad Horse Farm Denton Nebraska

Meet Nathan of Bad Horse Farm in Denton, NE!

"Resilient living soil, no-till, that produces the most nutrient dense & flavorful foods. Provided locally and delivered fresh. Eat it nice."

What Bad Horse Farm offers:

  • Fresh fruits like melons, serviceberries, strawberries & watermelons
  • A variety of fresh produce
  • Mushrooms
  • Microgreens
  • Herbs
  • Chicken and duck eggs
After 20 years in the military, Nathan farms as a way to heal, improve the land, & cultivate a better future.

For Nathan, farming means a lot.  After serving in the army, he spent three years immersed in horticulture and learning the ways of natural farming.  Bad Horse Farm uses natural & regenerative farming practices rooted in Korean Natural Farming to ensure the farm is investing in healthy soil. A healthy soil helps suppress weeds and disease, can better tolerate years of drought, and encourages healthy microbes. The farm even makes its own fertilizer!  Bad Horse Farm tends to the land in a way that will benefit future generations with fertile soil and clean water.

But there's more to the story. In addition to growing healthy food, Nathan sees farming as a therapy and a way to heal from PTSD and has dreams of inviting other veterans to the farm to find healing through this incredibly healing work.  Farming is such a wonderful tool for supporting mental health.  Farming brings together the benefits of being outside and connecting with nature with being engaged in purposeful work.  We look forward to seeing Nathan's vision to support veterans grow!

Where to find Bad Horse Farm: