Benson Bounty

Benson Bounty Farm

Meet Michelle and Mark Brannen of Benson Bounty in Omaha, Nebraska!

What Benson Bounty offers :

  • Transplants both for landscaping and your garden!
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Culinary and Medicinal herbs
  • Handcrafted candles & body care products

“Fresh, quality produce from a family-run farm right next door!"

On 1.5 acres of land in Omaha city limits, Michelle and Mark are not only producing plants and, but also growing the community around them.  With a convenient location in north Omaha, Benson Bounty uses sustainable growing practices to cultivate a variety of perennial plants, culinary and medicinal herbs. What's more is all their wonderful value added products though!  Shop their online shop for beautiful beeswax candles, aronia berry rhubarb syrup, lip balms, & splendid gift baskets!

Pollinator Project

Annual vegetable production is extremely labor intensive work and as their farm has evolved Michelle and Mark have transitioned to more and more perennial plantings. Perennial means the plant will re-appear every year, as opposed to an 'annual' plant that is seeded, grows, and dies every year. Benson Bounty has explored ways to include more perennial plants, especially native plants to help boost food sources for pollinators in Omaha through food and habitat.  Over 2,000 square feet is now planted in native Nebraska plants like mondarda, echniacea, soloman's seal and leadplant that are then used in value added products made on farm like soaps and candles. Benson Bounty received a NCR-SARE grant to help fund this project.  A side benefit of the project?  The native plants are available at their plant sales to help more people in Omaha beautify their landscapes while supporting pollinator habitat.

Where to find Benson Bounty:

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