Big Muddy Urban Farm

Big Muddy Urban Farm

Meet Big Muddy Urban Farm, a collectively-run farm & educational program in Omaha, Nebraska!

What Big Muddy offers :

  • Pastured raised chicken eggs
  • Fruits like apples, apricots, & mulberries!
  • Chemical free vegetables & herbs
  • Hands-on, on-farm residency program for aspiring farmers! 

“Dedicated to making sustainable agriculture education accessible to all." 

Big Muddy is a non-profit with education as a core part of their mission. Every year, Big Muddy Urban Farm hosts five aspiring farmers for a year-long immersive educational experience.  The residents are provided housing as they live near the urban farming plots where they are involved with every aspect of a market farm from seed to sale.  The program provides the infrastructure and resources needed to run a farm business and the participants bring the passion and energy to co-create a business plan and see it through an entire growing season.  The vegetables and fruits are sold through a Comminity Supported Agriculture program, wholesale, and at farmers markets.

Community Supported Agriculture

Big Muddy Urban Farm takes the meaning of community supported agriculture to the next level. Not only is the farm set up as a collective of individuals farming together (contrasted with most farms that consist of single family), the fruits of the farm go directly back into the community through the sale of their weekly veggie boxes and at the Gifford Park Farmers' Market.  It truly is a collaborative and community supported effort!

Where to find Big Muddy:

3322 Burt St.
Omaha, NE 68131

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