Bright Hope Family Farm

Bright Hope Family Farm

Meet Bright Hope Family Farm near Firth, NE!

What Bright Hope Family Farm offers:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Gourmet Salts & Spices

"At our farm we work hard to improve the soil and environment. Our passion dwells in farming for future generations."

As a no-till vegetable and cut flower operation, Bright Hope Family Farm strives to grow food in an ecologically-minded way.  No-till farming is a way of growing your vegetables or crops without disturbing the soil. No-till operations do not use plows or rototillers to break up the ground each year. Tilling the soil leads to poor soil structure, which in turn increases soil erosion and compacted soil.  As a no-till farming operation, Bright Hope Family Farm preps garden beds using a broadfork and actively works to improve the soil by adding organic amendments and compost every year.  Anyone can make their home garden no-till and reap the benefits!

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Over the years, Lainey has noticed the impact her farming practices have had on the soil.  "When we first broke ground, the soil was a compacted, thick, clay soil. Now it is lighter, sponge like, and full of life."  What benefit is it to you, as the consumer?  Healthier soils = healthier plants = more tastful and nutritious vegetables for you!

Where to find Bright Hope Family Farm: