Divino Nino Dairy

Divino Nino Dairy

Meet Melissa Rawe from Divino Nino Dairy!

Melissa Ruwe

Divino Nino Dairy is a small grass-based dairy located in the gently rolling hills of Southeast Nebraska.

Melissa milks a small herd of Guernsey cows on her family farm near Palmyra. The milk is stored in a refrigerated bulk tank and some is seperated into cream.  Milk customers then come to the dairy to pick up their fresh, delicious, nourishing milk.

 Guernsey cows come from the Channel Islands located between France and England. They are known for their rich, high butterfat, gold colored milk and their quiet, gentle dispositions. The cows at Divino Nino Dairy spend their days on grass when it is growing. They are moved every few weeks to fresh pastures, and when the weather turns bitter cold they are offered a warm bedding of straw and shelter from the elements.

Divino Nino's milk is a thing of beauty – it's sweetness and freshness is a reflection of the love and care given to the cows.

Divino Nino Dairy offers:

  • Fresh, Raw Milk & Cream from cows that graze on lush grass March – November
  •  Cows are not fed soy or gmo feed.
  • Fresh Chicken Eggs
What is grass-based dairy?

Divino Nino Dairy is a grass-based dairy farm. This means that cows are eating mostly grass during the grazing season – March through November, and dried forage (like hay) during the winter months. Cows are fed minimal grain, usually only a mouthful at milking time and are free to roam their pasture when not being milked. Cows evolved to graze and are  healthier and happier when allowed to do what they do best – soak up the sunshine and fresh air, and convert grass and plants into healthy, nourishing milk. Milk from cows that are grassfed is higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and conjugated linoleic acid than milk from grain fed cows. Plus grass-based dairies allow cows to deposit natural fertilizer as they graze, and help maintain a  healthy pasture ecosystem.

Where you can find Divino Nino's products: