Ensign Beverage & First Street Brewing Co.

Ensign Beverage and First Street Brewing Company Hastings Nebraska

Meet Ensign Beverage & First Street Brewing Co., offering something for everyone in downtown Hastings!

“From beer to kombucha, in the tap room, on the patio, or to go!"

Located in downtown Hastings, Ensign Beverage and First Street Brewing Co. are owned and operated by Nathan and Jessi Hoeft.  Ensign Beverage is the brand for their fabulous selection of flavored kombuchas (fermented tea) that are brewed for the tap room or bottled into cans for sale across the state! First Street Brewing Co. operates in the same space in downtown Hastings (the building shares an original wall with the Kool-aid building!) and brews up a wide selection of classic and unique beers for the community.  

Ensign Beverage & First Street Brewing Co. offers:
  • Rotating menu of seasonal and special beers on tap
  • Mixed drinks
  • Hard "Booch" (alcohol-containing kombucha tea)
  • Regular Kombucha
  • Event space rentals
  • Tap room, patio seating, or grab-n-go beverages!
Stop by First Street Brewing for a Taste of Hastings!

First Street Brewing is dedicated to the growth and inclusion of locally grown ingredients in their products!  From wheat to peaches, they are always looking to expand Nebraska-grown ingredients in their beers and kombuchas.  Stop by, or check out their social media pages for community events!

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a sugar sweetened tea that is fermented by a community of beneficial bacteria & yeast to create a tasty sour beverage, sometimes compared to sparkling apple cider.  Kombucha is an alternative to soda that is bubbly and contains live probiotics.  The process for making kombucha resembles fermented vinegar and can even be done in your own kitchen!  Learn how to make your own fermented tea today!  Try a cold can of Ensign Beverage kombucha next time you are in Hastings!  Our favorite flavors are their Black Stone Fruit or Wild Berry flavored kombuchas. 

Where to Ensign Beverage & First Street Brewing: