Erstwhile Farm

Erstwhile Farm Columbus Nebraska

Meet Lanette & Larry of Erstwhile Farm near Columbus Nebraska!

“Helping you bring good food home.”

erst·while (ˈərstˌ(h)wīl/)

adjective –former; of times past; old

What Erstwhile Farm offers:

"We invite you to get to know us and our farm. It's important to know where your food comes from, and if you're going to enjoy our food, you deserve to know how it is produced. We strive to always conduct our personal and work lives with honesty and integrity." - Larry & Lanette

Erstwhile Farm is a small, sustainable family farm owned by Larry and Lanette Stec located west of Columbus, Nebraska. They are well-known for their quality, pasture-raised heritage hogs, but they also enjoy raising chickens, eggs, popcorn, rye, and an assortment of vegetables! This third generation farm has led the way for sustainable agriculture in Nebraska. Their row crops and grazing acres for livestock have been certified organic for 19 years!

Many folks buy a half or whole hog from Erstwhile to stock their freezers. Buying in larger quantities directly from a farmer is cheaper than buying individual cuts of meat. If you are intereseted in this type of buying contact Erstwhile and learn more in this resource:

-Buying a whole pig 101

Erstwhile also offers 'pork bundles' which are a variety of cuts ranging from 10-20 pounds. Follow their facebook page for more details about delivery and ordering! They also sell individual cuts at grocery stores like Open Harvest in Lincoln NE.

“We strive to grow food with clean practices for the earth and water, respect for the dignity of the animal, and health for the farmer and eater.”

Lanette and Larry's pigs are raised outdoors, where they can soak up the sun, feel the wind on their snouts, and forage in green pastures. Raising pigs in the outdoors, on grass or other vegetation is not typical in US pork production. Most of the pork sold in supermarkets comes from indoor, confinement style operations that raise thousands of pigs every year.

The pigs at Erstwhile are shown respect by raising them in an environment where their 'pigness' can shine bright – rooting, mud bathing, foraging, and being in a herd are just some examples of the type of behaviors that are crucial for a pig's well being. Erstwhile Farm pigs are certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW).

What is Animal Welfare Approved?

Animal Welfare Approved is a 'labeling standard' where producers must follow certain rules that ensure the welfare of farm animals. “The premise of the Animal Welfare Approved standards is that animals must be allowed to behave naturally.” The standards (or rules) “allow animals the opportunity to perform natural and instinctive behaviors essential to their health and well-being. Provisions are made to ensure social interaction, comfort, and physical and psychological well-being.” Farms are audited and inspected yearly to make sure they are following the rules agreed upon. Depending on the animal, there are different rules or standards used.

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW is the only label that guarantees animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent farm using truly sustainable, high-welfare farming practices. It is the only label in the U.S. to require audited, high-welfare production, transport and slaughter practices

Check out the Pig Standards for Animal Welfare Approved here!

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