Farmers Market 365

Farmers Market 365 Kearney Nebraska

Where to find local food after the farmers' markets close?  Farmers Market 365 in Central Nebraska is here for you, providing year-round access to locally grown foods as well as a Sunday market during the growing season.

Farmers Market 365 offers customers a way to purchase locally sourced products in one convenient spot!  Shop local eggs, veggies, meats, breads, & more each week from a variety of growers in the central Nebraska area.  Farmers Market 365 strives to offer access to local goods the entire year, even in the winter! 

Farmers Market 365 educates the community on the benefits of eating healthy, shopping local, and the community economic impacts that follow!  Their mission is to help both the collaborative producers that provide product and community members to thrive.

What Farmers Market 365 offers:

  • A variety of local products available for order on Friday and delivered in Kearney on the following Saturday
  • A collaboration between farmers and local food producers to provide year-round access to Nebraska-grown and made goods!
  • Education on the benefit of eating locally grown foods

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How to connect with Farmers Market 365:

  • Shop in-person May 1 - October 31st on Sundays 1pm - 4pm at the Tractor Supply Parking Lot
  • Deliveries on Saturday mornings in Kearney or by appointment
  • Offering easy weekly orders during the farmers' market season and throughout the traditional market "off season" (aka the winter!).  Order form is posted each Friday on Facebook and orders are due on Tuesday for Saturday delivery. Visit the market!  
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