Fat Head Honey Farms

Fat Head Honey Farms Clarkson, Nebraska

Meet Kathy & Brian Suchan, the beekeepers at Fat Head Honey Farms near Clarkson, NE!

What Fat Head Honey Farm Offers:
  • Raw & unfiltered Honey
  • Infused honey
  • Honeycomb box
  • Creamed honey
  • Honey gift sets like the Charcuterie Board Honey set and Tea Lover’s Bundle
Just like ‘grandpa’s honey’ 

For Brian Suchan of Fat Head Farms, beekeeping runs in the family. His father had bees, his grandfather had bees, and his great grandfather had bees. As a fourth-generation beekeeper, tending to the hives naturally provides the quality honey he has enjoyed on the dinner table since he was a boy. Kathy’s interest in agriculture started with backyard chickens and grew from there. Beekeeping together, Kathy and Brian make artisan midwestern honey and an array of infused honey – perfect for every occasion.

Beekeeping is a year-round process at Fat Head Farms – it involves checking hives for health, moving hives in the spring from where they overwinter to where they’ll forage nectar, honey harvest starts in the summer and ends in September. Lastly, the honey needs to be collected from the comb, extracted, and bottled.

Honeybees are about a lot more than making honey though – beekeepers also need to find areas with bountiful sources of nectar (think beautiful flowering fields!) and safety from pesticides for their bees to flourish.  Help support bees by planting a pollinator garden and using fewer chemicals on your lawns. 

“Honey is like wine, coffee, and cheese.”

Like fine wine, the taste, color, & flavor of honey changes depending on what the bees eat, the type of bee, and the environment around them.  When you source local honey, you are enjoying the sweetness of the place we call home while supporting a family business. 

One honey bee makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime. 

“So we don’t waste any honey around here. Make sure you get every last drop.” 

Kathy Suchan


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