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Heartland Nuts n More Valparaiso Nebraska

Meet Heartland Nuts n' More from Valparaiso, Nebraska!

Growing pecans, black walnuts and more in Nebraska

    Heartland Nuts N’ More is a co-op owned by a diverse partnership of nut growers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Their offices are located in Valparaiso, Nebraska -just 20 minutes north of Lincoln! Heartland uses the finest improved varieties of grafted Black Walnuts and Pecans. The varieties usedand specialized handling procedures result in a delicious, sweeter, larger and superior tasting nut.

    Nut lovers can order online to purchase black walnuts, northern pecans, creamed honeysflavored with pecans and black walnuts, as well as some fun specialty products like pincushion filler (crushed blackwalnut shells!) and bbq smoking packets. Or make the trip to Valparaiso to talk with the team, buy local nut products and peruse the nutcracker museum!

    Heartland Nuts n' More is open M-F 9AM –4PM at 206 W 2nd St, Valparaiso, NE.

    Interested in Nebraska Nuts?

    There is a small but passionate group of nut growers in Nebraska who have been working since the 70's to improve the nuts grown in the state. The Neraska Nut Growers Association  promotes the growing of  Nuts in the Midwest like Black Walnut, Pecan, Hickory, Hazelnut and Northern Pecan. NeNGA holds annual nut tree grafting workshops and nut evaluations. They want to see nuts succeed in NE and are a welcoming and knowledgable bunch. Contact them to find out about a grafting workshop, get a tour of a a nut orchard or to talk about planting nut trees of your own!

    Heartland Nuts n' More offers:

    • Black walnuts
    • Northern Pecans
    •  Pecan and Black Walnut flavored creamed honey

    Where you can find Heartland Nuts n' More: