The Hog Yard

Meet the three families behind The Hog Yard in West Point, NE.


What The Hog Yard offers:  
  • Whole or Half Hogs
  • By the piece:
    • Bacon
    • Bone-in Pork Chops
    • Pork Cutlets
    • Ham Steaks
    • Pork Baby Back Ribs
    • Pork Shoulder Steak
    • Pork Shoulder Roast
    • Ham Steak
    • Deli Cuts
    • Old-Fashioned Pork Hot Dogs

Three generations of West Point locals providing delicious pork right to your doorstep!  

At The Hog Yard, there are three families (Greg & Aliza Brunsing, Kelly & Andrew Wiechman, and Glen & Melann) that work together to raise high-quality pork for your table! The Hog Yard is a farrow-to-finish hog operation located in West Point, Neb., with shipping  available to the United States. The Brunsings and Wiechmans strive to provide consumers with the highest quality of tender and flavorful pork with a slightly “old fashioned” way of production.  

“Raised on Country Sunshine” 

What does the "old-fashioned" way mean though?  For The Hog  Yrad, an important part of their production is ensuring that the hogs have access to the outdoors during all stages of life.  This means that the mother sows give birth in protected open pens outside instead of crates indoors (as is common in commercial production). The piglets get to roam outside throughout their entire life in open yards.  Why does the old-fashioned way matter? It gives the pork considerally more FLAVOR!  The Hog Yard raises half Berkshire hogs for the most tender and tasty marbled meat. Berkshire hogs are known for being juicy and flavorful.


“Here at The Hog Yard, we are trying to restore the public's faith in pork by breaking that stereotype and proving that pork can be juicy and delicious.”   

Click here to read more about The Hog Yard and how they have positively impacted the community. 


Where to find The Hog Yard:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Jessi Brester.