Johnson Farm

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Meet Robert and Ruth of Johnson Farm near North Bend, NE!

 What Johnson Farm Offers:
  • Fruits - specializing in watermelon and cantaloupe
  • A variety of vegetables, specializing in hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant
  • Herbs
  • Plants for your garden and potted plants for your home
  • Popcorn
  • Value added products like dried peppers and spices
"We love growing and providing high quality local produce and we've been doing it for over 30 years!"

Ruth and Robert are seasoned farmers - with a large assortment of high quality products - they have been setting up their farm stand at farmers' markets for over thirty years!  It takes grit to be in the farming business for long, Ruth and Robert have made a life from it.

When shopping local, the word "quality" is thrown out there a lot - so what do we mean?

When you shop local for your vegetables, you purchase quality:

  1. Local produce is FRESH.  Produce that ends up on the grocery store shelves is harvested hundreds of miles away and it takes a lot of time, fuel, and effort to get it to the store shelves.  Local produce at farmers' markets has a shorter amount of time between harvest and landing on your dinner table. 
  2. Local produce is grown for FLAVOR.  Local farmers that grow vegetables are planting with your taste buds in mind and not how well the vegetable is able to transport across the country.  Many vegetables sold through the commodity market have one goal: how to get it from the field to the grocery store with the least damage.  This means that the varieties of vegetables grown are limited and flavor is often not the top priority!  Local produce is also harvested at peak ripeness because it doesn't have to transport as long to get to your grocery bag!
  3. Local produce is more NUTRITIOUS.  When produce is harvested at peak ripeness and eaten shortly after harvest, the fewest amount of nutrients are lost.


How to find Johnson Farm: