KrazyWoman Orchard

KrazyWoman Orchard Scribner Nebraska

Meet Woody & Marianne Slama of KrazyWoman Orchard near Scribner, NE!

What KrazyWoman Orchard Offers:

  • Apples, pears, and peaches
  • Mulberries, aronia berries, raspberries, and strawberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Cherries
  • Paw Paws
  • Quince
An established orchard with over 250 apple trees!

Offering over 23 different varieties of apples, KrazyWoman Orchard offers your favorites like Gala and Red Delicious, but also varieties not found in the grocery store like Liberty and Blushing Gold. They don’t just offer apples though – stop by their market booth in Lincoln or Omaha to find a variety of Nebraska-grown fruit.

Quince – The Secret Fruit of Autumn


Do you know quince?  I didn’t either until a few years ago I ran across this interesting fruit at a farmers market in Omaha! I was shopping at a holiday market in Omahawhen a knobby-shaped yellow-green fruit caught my attention on the table of a farmer’s booth.  I asked the farmer (Marianne) at KrazyWoman Orchard what this fruit was and she answered “quince!” I decided to take my luck with quince and purchased a few. 

Quince is a fruit that grows similarly to apples, but unlike an apple it is incredibly tough and inedible raw. Ripe quince fruit has a golden tone and the flesh is tough and woody.  Fresh quince has a very pleasing aroma and after stewed, the quince flesh softens and turns from white to a rosy pink.

What did I make with my quince?  I stewed the fruit, blended it, and made a quince sorbet! 

Recipes with Quince:

How to find KrazyWoman Orchard:      
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  • Farmers Markets in Omaha: the Village Pointe Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Aksarben Market on Sundays and the Sunday Farmers' Market in Lincoln
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