Little Town Gardens

Little Town Gardens Gibbon NE

Meet Candi & David of Little Town Gardens near Gibbon, NE!

What Little Town Gardens offers:
  • Fresh veggies
  • Herbs
  • Cut Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Tilapia from their aquaponic growing system


It's always a joy visting the Facebook page of a diversified vegetable grower.  As I scroll through Little Town Garden's page, it is bursting with color.  Each image showing off the beautiful array of veggies Candi & David grow from crunchy kohlrabi and perfectly slender carrots to deep purple eggplant that fit in the palm of your hand.  These images highlight the one undeniable difference between many store bought vegetables and local vegetables: freshness.  When you shop for your vegetables directly from the farmer, you know they were picked in peak freshness with many farmers harvest for farmers' markets just 24 to 48 hours before market. 

Little Town Gardens strives to grow healthy vegetables, but there is another really important aspect to what they do: they also want to grow healthy soil, which starts with the way they treat the land.  They are learning about a variety of regenerative agricultural practices as ways to improve the health in the soil (which then influences the health of the veggies!).  Little Town Gardens practices no-till gardening, which is the practice where farmers & gardeners do not intentional disturb the soil with any rototillers, plows, or other machinery.  Roots of last year's garden stay in the ground and other garden bed preparation methods are used like sheet mulching or broadforking.  Although occassional tillage or disturbance of the soil may not be terrible for the land, routine yearly tillage can destroy the health of the soil by destroying soil structure making water run-off and erosion more likely.  Here in Nebraska, tillage also can make a "hard pan" in your soil 

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Where to find Little Town Gardens: