Nebraska Mushroom

Nebraska Mushroom Grand Island Nebraska

Meet Ash Gordon of Nebraska Mushroom!

Mushrooms in Nebraska?  It can be done!  Nebraska Mushroom has been in business since 2011 growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in Grand Island, Nebraska.  Ash Gordon, owner and operator, started growing mushrooms after he found they improved his arthritis symptoms.  The operation grows mushrooms indoors at the old hangar in Grand Island.  Want to see what it looks like to grow mushrooms on a commercial scale?  Check out this video made by Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska through a Nebraska Specialty Crop Block grant.

There is incredible diversity when it comes to mushrooms.  You may be familiar with cremini and shiitake mushrooms, but what about Lion's Mane?  Oyster Mushrooms?  Hen of the Woods? Brown Beech?  Learn more about the varieties from Nebraska Mushroom on their website.

image of mushrooms

Nebraska Mushroom offers:

  • Fresh shiitake, oyster, and lion's mane mushrooms
  • Dehydrated mushrooms
  • Ready to fruit mushroom grow bags for home production
  • Mushroom spawn
  • Shiitake mushroom salt

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