Pekarek's Produce

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Meet Katie & Ryan Pekarek of Pekarek's Produce near Dwight, Nebraska!

What Pekarek's Produce offers:

  • A wide assortment of farm-fresh vegetables available year-round
  • Delicious fruits including melons, watermelon, peaches, strawberries, rhubarb & more!
Healthy, flavorful food for all families.

Enjoy the freshness of Nebraska fruits & vegetables with a stop to Pekarek's Produce, a beloved vegetable farm close to Lincoln with over 15 acres in vegetable & fruit production, five unheated greenhouses, and one heated greenhouse.  They grow just about everything with over 30 types of vegetables & fruits growing in the ground year-round.  Some staff favorites are their delicious June strawberries and golden sweet corn.    

How to manage weeds?

With rows and rows of vegetables, how does a vegetable operation of this size keep the weeds out?  A farmer must keep a lot of tools in his toolkit to manage weeds because techniques depend on type of crop, weather conditions, and size of the crop.  One way that Pekarek's Produce manages weeds is a basket weeder, which is excellent for loosening the soil and pulling out small weeds on the top of the soil.  It takes skill to know when and how to manage weeds on a farm!  See Ryan at work with the basket weaver in this video!

High Tunnel Production Nebraska Strawberries

Where to find Pekarek's Produce: