Prairie Pride Acres

Prairie Pride Acres Grand Island Nebraska

Meet Daniel Hromas of Prairie Pride Acres from Grand Island!

Celebrating his farm's tenth year in business, Daniel of Prairie Pride Acres started with 3 acres of land near York, Nebraska raising a flock of hens, providing farm fresh eggs to the community.  Today, he has expanded his farm to over 15 acres located near Grand Island raising antibiotic and hormone free pork and beef.

Prairie Pride Acres (formerly Prairie Pride Poultry) is an all-natural, pasture-raised small farm.  Starting out raising pasture-raised eggs at farmers' markets and HyVee stores in 2013, Daniel has transitioned to raising grass fed beef, pork, and a small amount of produce.  Daniel puts his whole heart into the work and always has a smile at his farmers' market booth in Lincoln. 

"I believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy, wholesome food." Daniel Hromas

The farm prides itself on humane treatment of animals, allowing the cows and  pigs to roam the "great outdoors" where they are never confined and diets do not contain any chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.

Daniel is a War Veteran who served in the Middle East.  He has been around agriculture his entire life.  "One of my fondest memories was visiting Grandpa and Grandma's farm in North Dakota as a child, where they had was an "Easter Egg" hunt everyday I was there!"  Daniel feels passionate about allowing everyone the opportunity to reconnect to the land and to their past experiences around agriculture.    

Prairie Pride Acres offers:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Pasture raised pork
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Where to find Prairie Pride Acres products: