Range West Beef

Range West Beef Marquette Nebraska

Meet Luke & Lori Jacobsen of Range West Beef from Marquette, Nebraska!

Grass Fed from Start to Finish.

Luke and Lori Jacobsen of Range West Beef have been farming for over forty years where the health of the animals, the land, and their customers come first.  As a small family-run farm located near Marquette, they graze their cows on grass for their entire lives to offer high quality grass-fed beef, but also to sustain the health of the land. 

"Our concern has always been on long-term land improvement.  During the last fifteen years, we have been focused not only on soil and water conservation, but also on producing safer and more nutrient-dense foods." - Lori and Luke Jacobsen 

So what does grass-fed beef have to do with land improvement?  Cows provide a variety of benefits to the land, but one of the most important benefits is how they improve the soil.  Manure and animal impact from grazing  improve soils by increasing microbial diversity and the soils water holding and filtering capacity, which makes the land more resilient during floods and droughts.  Having cows graze on pasture is an incredible tool for promoting soil health.  The longer you can graze livestock on pastures, the more they contribute to ecosystem regeneration.

Range West Beef cattle never see a day at the feedlot.  Although cattle of all farming operations spend time on pasture, many end up going to a feedlot to be fed grain to finish or "fatten up" towards the end of their life.  At Range West, cows live on pasture their entire life eating fresh grass in the warmer months and hay in the winter.  Keeping cows on pasture from start to finish is referred to as grass-finished.  This practice is contrasted with "grain-finished," where cows go to a feedlot to gain weight by eating grain before slaughter.

Range West Beef offers:

  • Grass-fed, grass-finished beef

Why 100% Grass-Fed Beef? 

  • Nature’s perfect balance of (3/1) of Polyunsaturated fats Omega 6/3
  • 3x more Omega 3 than grain fed beef
  • 2 x more Beta Carotene
  • Fewer calories per serving, about 100 fewer
  • Less saturated fat
  • Lower risk of e-coli contamination
  • Learn more at http://rangewestbeef.com/benefits/

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