Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm

Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm Firth Nebraska

Meet Jerry and Holly of Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm in Firth, Nebraska!

What Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm offers:

Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm is bringing fresh, beautiful and relaxing lavender to Southeast Nebraska! Lavender is typically grown in France, Italy or California- places with a Mediterranean climate -however by growing cold-hardy varieties of Lavender and protecting them during the winter with mulch and row cover, Jerry and Holly McCabe are harvesting large quantities on their farm just south of Lincoln. Hundreds of shrub-like lavender plants grow in tidy rows around their Firth, Nebraska farm. When Lavender blooms honeybees from their hives visit the flowers, collecting pollen and nectar for their colonies. The McCabes then harvest a portion of the honey to use and sell. Did you know that the flavor of honey depends on the flowers a bee visits? Lavender honey has a taste unlike anything you've ever tried - a very special treat!

"We have approx 2 acres of lavender grown naturally with no pesticides or herbicides.  We have fresh and dried lavender, culinary lavender and bath, body and home products."

The McCabes are excited to offer local fresh and dried lavender to chefs, floral arrangers, home cooks and those that appreciate it's beauty and utility. Drawing inspiration from the winning comibination of lavender and honey, the McCabes have created a line of body care and home products that pay homage to the relaxing and inspiring benefits of their two main crops -lavender and honey.

Where to find Sleepy Bees Lavender Farm:

Firth, NE 68358

Lavender field

Lavender Love!

  • The word lavender comes from the latin word meaning 'to wash.' It has historically been used for bathing and washing of fabrics.
  • It has been used as a nerve stimulant, relief for aches and sprains, and an apetite stimulant. It is also a calming and mood enhancing plant, "If one contemplated lavender growing, its beauty would inspire joy and dispell sadness." from Herbcraft by Violet Schafer
  • Chef tip! "When making apple jelly or raspberry jam, add a sprig of lavender to each jar" from Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs