Sweet Minou Chocolate

Sweet Minou Chocolate Lincoln Nebraska

Meet me at Sweet Minou Chocolate in Lincoln, NE!

Nebraska’s First Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker

What Sweet Minou Chocolate Offers:
  • Small-batch craft chocolate – everything from classic bars to raspberry truffles and sea salt caramels!
  • Flourless brownie mixes
  • Hot chocolate mixes
Making magic with fair-trade cacao & Nebraska-grown fruits & nuts! 

Sweet Minou is all about creating a chocolate experience that is playful, unexpected, and silky smooth. The chocolate creations from this tiny bean-to-bar factory start with a delivery of single origin fair trade cacao beans.  In a weeklong process, chocolate maker Rebecca Ankenbrand transforms those beans into the delicious chocolate we have come to love. Her Facebook and Instagram page shows the art and passion she brings to the work. 

Some of our Sweet Minou favorites include the raspberry melties, milk chocolate bar with local toasted pecans, and chocolate cherry cordials!

How does chocolate company bring the principles of "buy fresh buy local" to their production?

-       Sourcing quality cacao beans through distributors that pay fair prices to the farmers

-       Sourcing Nebraska-grown fruits like strawberries, cherries, & raspberries direct from local farmers for use in their products (freeze drying them so they can be used year-round, too!)

-       Sourcing Nebraska-grown pecans to add to their chocolate bars

How to find Sweet Minou Chocolate:
  • Facebook
  • Website - includes a list of retailers that stock their products!
  • Shop Online - for store pick-up and seasonal shipping (when the temps are cold enough so the chocolate doesn't milk!)
  • Stop by the shop in Lincoln at Cultiva Labs (2510 Randolph St. Lincoln NE)
  • Contact Information