Twogood Farm

Twogood Farm Stromsburg Nebraska

Meet Ryan & Rachel of Twogood Farm near Stromsburg, NE!

What Twogood Farm offers:
  • 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished black angus beef

Born and raised on the farm, from birth to butcher.

The cattle at Twogood Farm are free to roam on diverse pastures (a delicious salad bar!) from the day they are born until the day they go to the locker. Following the wisdom of nature, the cattle are roationally grazed and only need three things to grow: grass, water, & sunshine. This way of raising cattle where the animals only eat grass & forage is known as grass-fed, grass-finished beef (fattened up on grass, not grain).  Ryan and Rachel are passionate about raising healthy animals that also support the health of the land.  They don't use antibiotics or hormones, but instead rely on good genetics and natural remedies.  

A fun jingle posted on their Facebook page summarizes the simplicity and transparency that is a cornerstone of their operation:

"Mary Mary Quite contrary how do your cattle grow? With grass that is green and ACV, and salt brine to drink for that’s all they know."

One important thing to know: 

Don't let the simplicity of their animal husbandry philosophy be confused with ease!  It takes hard work and patience to raise beef from birth to butcher.  Raising cattle on 100% grass requires great attention and skill.  Cattle must be moved at the right time to avoid depleting the pasture, weather circumstances influences how often they must move, and the pastures at Twogood include "finishing" paddocks planted with an array of forage (seven species!) that specifically helps the steers gain fat.   

Grass Finished vs. Grain Finished 

What's the difference??? 

Most cattle are grass-fed for a portion of their life, which means they spend some of their lives grazing pastures for nourishment.  The real difference is in how cattle are "finished" or fattened up at the end of the life.  Cattle can be finished on grass or grain.  Grass-finished beef comes from cattle that spent their entire life eating grass or forage, like the cows at Twogood Farm.  Grain Finished beef comes from cattle spend the last 4-6 months eating grains, often times at a feedlot.  What cattle eat during their life can impact the nutritional profile and flavor of the meat.  Both grass-finished and grain-finished beef are rich of important nutrients and vitamins, especially B vitamins such as B12, B6, B3 and bioavailable iron.  Studies are showing that grass-finished beef contains higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as Vitamin C and E.  

Cows on Pasture

Where to find Twogood Farm: