West Blue Farm

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Meet West Blue Farm from Dorchester Nebraska!

West Blue Farm has been raising farm fresh meats since 1990!  They make it easy to get locally raised pork, beef, and chicken in your freezer with a simple online order form and delivery sites in Lincoln, Milford, Seward, Crete, and Dorchester.   

All the meat provided by West Blue Farm is raised on the farm for their customers.  With 20 years of experience, West Blue Farm has sold well over 100,000 chickens and counting during their time!  Sourcing meat direct from the farm allows you to choose the quality you like, as well as how it was raised, fed, finished, and even cut and packaged. 

At West Blue Farm, the beef has been raised since birth, the chickens are brought on as one day chicks, and the pigs are purchased as 60 lb feeder piglets and finished on the farm.  All corn and soybean meal for animals is non-GMO.  West Blue Farm meat is also raised without the use of low level antibiotics in the feed.  

What are the advantageous of purchasing meat direct from the farm?

  • Savings!  When you buy in bulk (whole, half, quarter), you are paying the same price per pound regardless of the cut - that means the same price for ground pork as for pork chops!
  • Choice! - you can choose your favorite cuts, how many steaks in each package, and even how thick of steak or pork chop you want! You choose bone-in or bone-out.  The farmer or local butcher can help you choose the best options based on your needs.
  • Transparency! - know how your meat was raised and choose meat that aligns with your values.

West Blue Farm offers:

  • Farm-raised non-GMO fed beef
  • Hormone & antibiotic-free pork
  • Farm fresh chickens

Where to get West Blue Farm products: