Wildflour Grocer

Wildflour Grocer O'neill Nebraska

Meet Wildflour Grocer!

Wildflour Grocer is a year-round indoor farmers' market in O'Neill, bakery and cafe specializing in Nebraska grown and made products. Their mission is “to connect the community to their food, the land and each other.”

Wilflour Offers:

  •  Local , chemical-free veggies, herbs & fruits
  •  Local meats, eggs, cheese and milk.
  •  Local honey, nuts, jams & jellies, salsa, canned goods, grains, and dry goods.
  • Prepared meals (like lasagna, soup, & chimichangas) using local ingredients, sweet treats (they are famous for cinnamon rolls!), coffee & ice cream.

There's a spot in O'Neill Nebraska where you can get the best Nebraska farmers, ranchers and makers have to offer. Right downtown - 112 S. 4th – Wildflour Grocer has become a hub for food & sustainable farming in Holt County.  Started in January of 2018 by a group of  farmers, ranchers, and food enthusiasts Wildflour has sought to bring delicious, healthy,  and local food to O'Neill – because local food tastes better, and is better for you! 

At Wildflour you know where the food comes from and how it is grown – specific information about each vendor is posted in the store to educate shoppers. Wildflour stocks it's shelves with not only local, but naturally-grown/raised products. You can find organically-grown, naturally-grown, grassfed, pastured, and chemical food here, and it sure tastes good!  Here's a sampling of  Wildflour's vendors : Orv's Acres, Clear Creek Organic Farm, Allemang Produce, Erstwhile Farm, Klabenes Produce, Meadowlark Hearth, Mosel Organic Farm, Straight Arrow Bison, Marlowe Family Farm, DH Longhorn, 3Points Farm, Popkes Farm & Apiary, Wolff Farms, The Harvest Market, Davey Road Ranch, Burbach's Countryside Dairy

Wildflour sells local ingredients that will make your next homecooked meal special, but when you need a quick bite or a treat for yourself – they have you covered! A commercial kitchen allows Wildflour to prepare a  huge variety of pre-made food – from cinnamon rolls & bread,  to pans of lasagna made with local bison meat, to vegetarian soup made from local produce. Their commercial kitchen also helps to preserve the local harvest by allowing local  products to be dried, pickled, prepared into ready to eat food, frozen or juiced.

Where you can find Wildflour Grocer:

  • Wildflour Website: https://www.wildflourgrocer.com/
  • Check out their facebook page for news, offerings, and announcements!
    • 112 S 4th St, O'Neill, NE 68763
    • Hours: Monday (12-6pm), Tuesday (12-6pm), Wednesday (12-6pm), Thursday (12-7pm), Friday (12-6pm), Saturday (10am-2pm), Sunday (closed)