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Each of us is a cultivator with the ability to make our town thrive, and one of our most powerful roots is in our farmers market. Whether it’s a pickup loaded with corn or tents full of jams and jewelry, our market only grows if we go. And when it grows, so does our economy, our companionship and our community.
Family Farms

From home grown pork to fresh June strawberries, independent family farms produce food you just cannot find in a grocery store. Whether it is their main or supplemental income, farmers’ markets provide space for farmers to sell their Nebraska products and keep farming.

The Local Economy

Vendors at farmers’ markets live, raise their families and work in the area. Each dollar spent at local independent businesses returns three times more money to the community than a chain store. Farmers’ markets support employment, entrepreneurship, and improve quality of life.

Your Community

Farmers’ markets are a lot more than buying and selling produce, foods, and crafts. It is a time to catch up with neighbors, friends, and your favorite vendors. It is a space to enjoy live music, have a cool beverage under a shade tree, and let your kids dance and play with friends.

Find A Farmers' Market Near You!

Find a farmers' market nearest you! View the full map and use the search feature. Additionally, you can check out the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) Farmers' Market Database.

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  • Little Town Gardens Photo at Farmers Market

    Producer Stories

    Little Town Gardens / Kearney Area Farmers’ Market

    When you shop at a farmers’ market you support local growers like Candi and David Benge of Little Town Gardens. Candi and David grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms using regenerative farming practices like no-tillage, and aquaponics on their farm in Gibbon. Their goal is to produce the cleanest, freshest, tastiest produce possible by stewarding healthy soil.

    Little Town Gardens gets their produce to the people by vending at the Kearney Area Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Saturday during the growing season.

    When you shop at a local farmers’ market you can feel proud that the money you spend stays in the local community and drives small businesses. Plus, the food you buy at a farmers’ market is fresher and tastier because it’s local and picked at peak ripeness. A win-win for everyone!

    Little Town Gardens Facebook Kearney Area Farmers’ Market
  • Amy Hoagland from the Hoagland Homestead

    Producer Stories

    The Hoagland Homestead / Hastings Downtown Farmers' Market

    A beautiful array of garden produce, homemade jams & jellies, and honey is what you’ll find in the market booth of the Hoagland Homestead at the Hastings Farmers’ Market. 3 generations of family grow, process and sell farm goods. The Hoagland kids are learning how to grow their own food alongside their parents and grandparents.

    At farmers’ markets across Nebraska you’ll meet other vendors who share a passion for growing food and making delicious creations just like the Hoagland Homestead. Make a trip to the market and find unique to Nebraska goods- from grass fed bison to Nebraska wildflower honey, the world’s best apricot kolache to seasonal produce like asparagus, sweet corn, and apples. Find these local treasures at your farmers’ market!

    Hoagland Homestead Hastings Downtown Market
  • Food4Hope

    Producer Stories

    Food4Hope / Beatrice Farmers’ Market

    Food4Hope brings clean, organically grown, nutrient-dense, high quality food and homemade products to the people of Beatrice. These farmers believe everyone deserves good food and a good life- that is why they donate their products to those who need them and provide training and life skills.

    The Beatrice farmers’ market gives Food4Hope a platform to get their products and philosophy into the hands of people. The market booth also helps Food4Hope crew members gain experience in retail sales and customer service. Food4Hope exists because of their commitment to making positive impacts in their community and vending at the farmers’ market is part of that impact.

    Head to the Beatrice farmers’ market to find garden fresh produce, home baked breads, meats, eggs, honey, and hand crafted locally made products.

    Food4Hope Beatrice Farmers' Market
  • Wolff Farms Norfolk Farmers' Market

    Producer Stories

    Wolff Farms / Norfolk Farmers' Market

    Wolff Farms, owned by Darlene and Duane Wolff, is a true family farm located just four miles southeast of Norfolk, Nebraska. Duane Wolff has been farming his entire life and the farm now supports multiple generations as two of his children take active roles on the farm. Wolff Farms is a diversified farm, raising both vegetables and livestock on the land. Duane and his family sell organic vegetables, pasture raised chicken and beef, and chicken eggs at farmers’ markets in the region.

    You can find family farmers like Wolff Farms at the Norfolk Area Farmers’ Market. Go there to get your fresh seasonal garden produce, kolaches, eggs, pies, honey, fresh roasted coffee, wooden signs, and handmade crafts.

    Wolff Farms Norfolk Farmers' Market

12 Reasons to Shop at Farmers' Markets

cheese icon
Find foods not available in a grocery store.
tomato icon
Take home a truly tasty tomato!
corn icon
Enjoy really fresh sweet corn.
sun icon
Purchase a pretty plant you know will do well in your climate because a farmer near you grew it!
honey icon
Meet with a Master Gardener.
heart icon
Make memorable meals.
community icon
Have fun with your family and friends.
rainbow icon
Get really fresh foods that didn't travel long distances to reach you.
sunflower icon
Buy a beautiful bouquet of locally grown flowers.
meat icon
Get to know your farmer.
carrot icon
Support your local economy.
watermelon icon
Farmers' markets are full of surprises!

Is it Safe to Visit the Farmers' Market in a Pandemic?

Farmers Markets are Essential Businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that local food systems with short supply chains are resilient and dependable in making food available to their communities.

Farmers Markets
are Safe.

Emerging research supports conventional wisdom that outdoor marketplaces like farmers markets are safer than indoor spaces due to air circulation, sunlight, the flexibility to social distance by spreading out vendors, restricting food sampling, and other innovative strategies market operators have implemented. According to the FDA and USDA, there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.

Farmers Market Managers are Local Food Heroes.

When the pandemic hit, everyone had to scramble to accommodate the changing requirements to keep customers safe. Market managers were some of the first to implement public health protocols.

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Additional Resources


Some farmers' markets and vendors accept SNAP benefits, making it easy to use your EBT card for local food!

Find a farmers' market or vendor who accepts SNAP
Double Up Food Bucks Nebraska

Each day, a SNAP customer can earn an additional $20 of Double Up Food Bucks to purchase fresh local produce when they spend $20 at a participating retailer.

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Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Women, Infant's, & Children (WIC) Farmers' Market Nutrition Program provides additional support for WIC participants to purchase local, fresh produce.

*Available in Douglas and Sarpy Counties*

Find a farmers' market or vendor in Sarpy or Douglas county who accepts WIC

Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)

Qualifying seniors can receive coupons to purchase fresh local produce and honey at farmers' markets.

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Project Partners

This project is funded by a USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant. We are thankful to have a great team of project partners that are working together to strengthen rural farmers market in the state.

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