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Learn more about the Nebraska farmers and families that are growing your food. Learn where to find their products and how to Buy Fresh Buy Local today!

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Plants and produce at Yankee Hill Landscaping!

Hardy locally grown plants, gorgeous hanging flower baskets, juicy peaches, refreshing cucumbers and beautiful pumpkins are just some of what’s offered at Todd and Tammy Magee’s market stand and shop yard. Find out more about this south Lincoln landscaping company that also grows delicious produce…

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From engineering to regenerative agriculture!

Broken Arrow Farm is the manifestation of Riley Reinke’s passion for small, regenerative farming, a passion he found while in engineering school. Broken Arrow Farm grew from a garden plot to small farm that has been producing chemical-free food since 2016

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Mangalitsa, a special type of pig…

Leon and Tami Svoboda of Eltee Mangalitsa’s Gourmet Pork in Pender, Nebraska are raising a special kind of pig. The wooly pig or Mangalitsa. When fed correctly and allowed to mature at a natural rate the Mangalitsa produces a meat that has a stronger flavor and more than double the marbling of average pork. The fat is not heavy and greasy, so it tastes much lighter and cleaner. Perfect for cooking, baking and even body balm or soap.

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