Nebraska Heritage Turkeys

Meet Leah Hipps of Nebraska Heritage Turkeys from Bradshaw, NE! 

What Nebraska Heritage Turkeys offers:  
  • Organically fed, pastured turkeys (whole)
  • Processed turkey products/pieces (sausage, brats, jerky) in the future  


There’s no Thanksgiving without the turkey! 

The turkey is the most sacred part of Thanksgiving dinner. If you are looking for one that everyone will be talking about for years to come, Nebraska Heritage Turkeys in West Point, Neb. is the place to go.  

Since 1999 Nebraska Heritage Turkeys has been breeding, hatching and raising pastured turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner tables. Randy Wattermann and his family started this venture with just nine turkeys and worked hard to grow the business over time. Leah Hipps, a family friend of the Wattermanns, helped with the turkeys over the years. Recently she took over and has grown the flock to 150 birds.  

Hipps loves her job, from the turkeys to the people. When it comes to the turkeys, she enjoys learning their personalities.  

“Chores usually take twice as long as they should because I love to watch them.”  

Hipps names most of her breeding turkeys—her favorite being Linda. With the people, she loves to make new connections and establish relationships with returning customers.  

“It’s really meaningful that someone wants my turkey to be a part of their Thanksgiving dinner.”  

Being a part of Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska is important to Hipps because it connects her with other producers and allows her to see how they are making a difference in the state. It’s also important because of her goals in providing organic grains to her turkeys. She believes in offering them a variety of these grains, letting them choose what they need for their nutrition. 

Leah is excited for the future of Nebraska Heritage Turkeys, and her goals include keeping it in the family and becoming completely organic. If you want to support family tradition and have a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving, check out Nebraska Heritage Turkeys today.  

Want to learn more about Nebraska Heritage Turkeys? Read this feature article from the Omaha World-Herald: 'Just true turkey': Farmer's free-range birds grace tables around Nebraska ( 


How to find Nebraska Heritage Turkeys:  

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Alaina Furasek.