Greenhouse & Hoop houses

Expert Resources

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Greenhouses and More: University of Nebraska information regarding greenhouses, high tunnels, low tunnels and so much more.

High Tunnel and Cold Frame Webinars: These workshops were part of a Specialty Crop grant the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society received in partnership with the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center.

Season Extension Topic Room by SARE: From low covers to high tunnels, from hoop houses to greenhouses — producers are finding ever more innovative ways to extend the growing season, and their income stream. Topics include: types & construction, variety trials & selection, fertility; pest; and water management, energy, amd marketing & economics.

Neb Guides

NebGuide: Constructing a Block and Fence Growing Bench for use with a Capillary Mat Irrigation System for Greenhouse Plant Production - Plant health and productivity of commercially grown greenhouse plants is improved when production occurs on raised benches where they can have optimal environmental conditions and uniform irrigation. This publication describes how to construct simple and economical growing benches as well as an irrigation system for the specialty crop grower.

NebGuide: Estimating Construction Costs for a Low-Cost Quonset-style Greenhouse - Double polyethylene Quonset-style greenhouses offer growers and farmers a more cost-effective structure than glass- or acrylic-covered structures for growing plants off-season.

NebGuide: Early Season Extension Using Hot Caps - Hot Caps are covers used to protect individual plants from low temperature stress early in the sea- son. They usually are used by home gardeners or market gardeners with limited production. Growers with more acres or more extensive production tend to use row covers or high tunnels that protect more than one plant.