The Orchard - Franklin Cosgrove

The Orchard - Franklin Cosgrove (Lincoln, Nebraska)


Spring leaves
blooming, growing.
Winter winds stop blowing.
The cold leaving, winds gently
First plants start to sprout, feel the cold running out.


Leaves growing a luscious green.
Apples ripening a radiant gleam.
Rare wind blowing
Now and then rain flowing.


Radiant colors,
bright golden glow.
A yellow sunshine
and orange flow.
Apples ready for harvesting­
bold, bright they gleam.
A delicious snack or a well-deserved treat, they seem.

A cold winter breeze and a fresh winter chill
brings out harvesters and gives an unexpected thrill. Now all are cold, harvested trees.
Wait till next year
for great memories.


A cold, white wonderland, air crisp and spicy
Heavy snow, pure white, sparkling and icy.
A stern chill in the air.
Trees hibernating without a care.
Soon spring will come with glory and glee.
Another year begins harvesting the trees.