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The Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska (BFBLN) network increases viability of small to medium scale family farms and strengthens regional food systems by expanding markets for locally produced foods. BFBLN creates a local food guide, hosts events that showcase local food producers and businesses, and builds interest in local through our website, social media platforms, and newsletter.  In a competitive marketing environment where words like "local" and "natural" are used recklessly, BFBLN is a trusted guide to living and eating locally. 

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For over a decade, Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska has helped farmers and ranchers increase their market share in both rural and underserved urban communities, increase their knowledge of food safety regulations, and communicate the benefits of locally grown food through events and content marketing. We work with our farmer, rancher, business and farmers' market members to promote purchasing locally grown food as an important component of making Nebraska one of the most livable places in the Midwest – environmentally, economically, socially and culturally. 

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Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska is a leader in promoting the production and consumption of local food. Our agri-entrepreneurs across the state are raising food with:

  • Integrity—practicing high ethical standards.
  • Forward Thinking—growing food that meets the needs of all consumers across the state.
  • Respect─for the environment, and the health of individuals and their communities.
  • Knowledge─they know your food- from soil to seed, growing practice to harvest, and from their farm to your plate.

Consumers and communities have discovered that the Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska program continues to be a great tool to easily find and promote farmers, ranchers, farmers' markets and businesses throughout the state that raise and offer locally grown food. We aim to strengthen local food systems that nurture relationships across the local food supply chain by:

  • Identifying diversified family farmers' and ranchers' needs and developing workshops, training and technical assistance. 
  • Connecting our members with markets and connecting businesses and sponsors with local producers. 
  • Expanding consumer awareness about local producers and businesses, and the impact of local food on a vibrant and food secure community.
  • Celebrating our members with informational films, online features, tastings and special events featuring locally raised f

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Annual member dues help us print our annual food guide, host local food events, and expand programming.  We want our membership to feel engaged to help drive the organization, create change in our local food system, and tell others what membership means to them. 

Membership Criteria

  • Meet the member type specific criteria (farmer/rancher, business, sponsor, farmers' market)
  • Share with BFBLN of any significant public response to the program (news coverage, customer testimonials, etc.).
  • Participate in an annual survey measuring the impact of the program.
  • Support the publicity efforts of BFBLN Chapter and to display the BFBL Member Certificate at my place of business and events.
  • Utilize brand materials for a period of one year only.  If the licensing agreement is not renewed, or if a member is removed or voluntarily withdraws from the program, the member agrees to discontinue all use of brand graphics and language.
  • Create a business profile for the website and send electronic or printed brochures and logo to BFBLN to be formally represented in promotional communications and events.
  • Each member should strive to distribute food guides throughout their area at farmers' market, restaurants, schools, in retail and community centers etc. in your community.

A member may withdraw from the program voluntarily at any time by providing written notice to BFBL Nebraska. BFBLN may, at its discretion, remove a member who fails to honor this agreement.  In either case, the member is not entitled to any refund of fees.

Important Documents

BFBLN gave us the opportunity to connect with a large group of people who were interested in the products we offer. They organized our farm tour which allowed our customers and community to see the quality and care we put into our products. Ash Gordon Nebraska Mushroom, LLC